Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Walkthrough) App Reviews

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That was really helpful thank you!!!

Not worth the money

Not worth 2 bucks. Nothing but words. Not much clarity in any of it. Maybe if it had maps or something a little extra.

Needs Tweaking

VERY USEFUL, Ive played Zelda my entire life and enjoy replaying old games. This guide is almost perfect, minus a few mess ups here and there, but nothing a true Zelda fan would really mind. Upgrade, tweak, separate side quest from main walk though, and youve got yourselves a 5 star rating for sure....the price could of been .99 cents as well.


Was well worth the money!!!

Cash to spend? Come here!

This is a VERY good app, no typos, really good info, could be a little more in depth, but a really good app, itd get you through the entire game, AND get you everything in between!!!

I like it...but iPhone 5 support?

This is a very useful app. It is obvious that a lot effort was out into this. I wish we could have maps, but I wont complain, the textual walk through is very through. Thank you. Can we get iPhone 5 support? I wont hold my breath, this seems like another abandoned app.

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This is the WORST app ever

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